Travel Insurance

Assistance for Travel Insurance from a Canadian insurance company.

When you come to Canada, you should purchase a travel insurance which will help you to cover health, life, disability, and baggage. The insurance will help you to save your expenses on hospitalization, flight cancellation or loss of baggage.

Travel insurances are an essential item you should consider, especially when you land in Visiting Visa, to cover any unexpected events in life as you are not covered with any Government medical program during this period.

If you are coming with PR, you do not have to worry about travel insurance. There is no longer a waiting period for OHIP coverage. Some people still prefer to take Travel insurance for 10-20 days in case any unexpected delay to get the OHIP.

Airport pickup

Airport pickup

Due to COVID restrictions, we are not providing this service now.

temporary or permanent accommodation

Assistance for temporary or permanent accommodation

Getting an accommodation is a major challenge when you land in a new country. Depending on your own interest and affordability, you might consider renting an apartment/hotel room for short-term while looking for a long-term solution.

Usually, landlords request information about you to make sure that you are capable to pay rent. In Most cases landlords asks for First and Last Month Rent in advance. Example of documents that could be requested:

Income Proof
Bank statements with proof of enough money to to cover your rents for few months.
Reference from previous landlord

Do not wait until last minute to contact as, its time taking process to get the right accommodation for you.

local area including

Make you familiarize with your local area including,

Grocery Stores
Your favourite Restaurants
Other major shops
Public Transportation System
Hospitals and Clinics
Library and community services

Getting familiar with your local area and the services available in your community are also an integral part of the initial settlement. Knowing local Grocery shops (e.g., Your native grocery items) or understand the public transport system will help you to navigate easily in your surroundings. We help you to get the public transportation card for your local travel.

Public Library is one option that you can explore more. You may find not only the textbook/novels, but also find free recreational and entertainment programs, homework help, computer classes, and so much more!

Bank account and Credit Card

Introduce you to the new offers from Bank for the Newcomers and guidance to open a Bank account and Credit Card.

Many Banks in Canada offers attractive services/programs to New Immigrants. We provide an overview about the banks offers and teach you the importance of a credit card and building the credit History. Getting a credit card is easy, but if you do not understand how the credit card works, this may turn up for a financial burden. A good credit history will ease your loan or Mortgage process.

School admission for children

Guidance in securing School admission for children.

In Canada, parents actively participate in children’s education by helping them with schoolwork, socialization and having a good communication with Teachers.

The school system has divided into three, Kinder Garden, Elementary and Secondary. There are two type of schools in Canada: Public and Private. Public schools are open to all students residing in Ontario. Catholic schools are open to all children who have been baptized as Roman Catholic or have Roman Catholic parents.


We educate you on:

Canadian tax system
Canada Child Benefit
Children’s Education plan and Govt Programmes
Planning your Financial goals (Short- and Long-term plans including Retirement Plans.)

Financial literacy is about knowledge, skills, and confidence to make responsible financial decisions.

Knowing the importance of protecting your bred winners’ life, debt management, need of emergency funds and Investments will help you to plan your short- and long-term goal for your future.

Its is also important to understand the benefits that government offers for the Canadians such as, children’s education plan, the tax saving plans and retirements plans.

Job assistance & Reference

Getting a job is especially important for you to start your career in Canada. If you are a student, you would need part time job which help you to manage your day-to-day expenses. We have partnered with many Employment services who provide Cash jobs/part time job for students.

If you are an experienced professional or migrated under skilled worker category, you will be looking for a job in your specialized area. Correct information and proper guidance are necessary to get a right job for you. A very first step to apply for any job is to tailor your resume that match Canadian standards. Second step is to get your resume shortlisted. We will provide all the assistance for your job search including the reference.

Driving License and Health Card

Guidance for Driving License and Health Card

In Canada, Driving Licenses are issued by the Government of the province or territory where you reside. The process to get driving licence include a written exam (on the rules of road), one or two driving tests depends on the type of licence (G1 or G2) you look for. You may need to meet certain requirements to get a Licence. We will assist you through these processes.

You need to have a health card to get healthcare services covered by OHIP (Ontario health Insurance Plan). You will be introduced to the Service Canada and ways to secure your health card as early as possible.

Child Benefit

Guidance for Child Benefit application

To apply for the Canadian Child Benefit (CCB) , you need to complete the Child Benefit Application form (RC66). When you apply for the first time, you must provide a set of supporting documents. We will guide you to complete this process.

Small business consulting

Career and Small business consulting for newcomers

Our services do not end just with postlanding services. We are partnered with organizations to provide you the necessary skills to enhance your skills.

If you are not sure about the career path you need to choose, or guidance on course selection, or even Canadian Entrepreneurship, we can help you with proper guidance.

Newcomers: We give free counselling service to choose the right course and guides you to get the right funding available.

Training: In Class and Online Blended BLS-HCP, Standard First Aid and CPR with AED, WHMIS, Lay Rescuer, Computer Skills, Workplace English.

IT trainings : Cyber security and Network Engineering, Software testing and analyst.


Guidance for Nurses with NNAS and CNO Process.

Student Service

Student Service

We have partnered with multiple service providers to meet all of your needs to settle in Canada. Some of our highlighted services are given below. Contact us for more information.

Student admissions in Canadian Colleges and Universities in Alberta/Ontario.
Shared accommodation for student.
Job assistance for students.
Assistance for Work Permit application.
Assistance for PR application.