About Cansettle

We are Experienced professional

Cansettle established in 2012 as a helping hand for the Newcomers to Canada. We are in service since 2012 through our Facebook page. Due to high volume of requests, now we moved to a more convenient online platform with lot more services that helps Newcomers to settle easily in Canada.

Cansettle helps families and students starting from their travel planning to Post landing services. Settling in a new country is always challenging due to lack of support, guidance, and proper information. We all have gone through these challenging situations when we first landed here as new immigrants. Hence, we carry a mission to ease these struggles for you when you first land in your dream land.

Getting a Canadian Visa is always the first milestone as an immigrant or a student. Our service start from this milestone. Even though some of the new commers has relatives, friends who assist in airport pickup or providing accommodation, still there are limitation for them to assist you as and when requires .Most of the time the information you gather from others might outdated.

Our Experienced team is here to help you in all your post landing needs. Contact us for for more information and feel free to explore this website.

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